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Dr. Alfonso Morales

Dr. Alfonso Morales

Medical Director

Central Medical Clinic is the premier medical pain specialty clinic in the Twin Cities. No other clinic offers the same level of dedication when considering so many different levels of personal, natural, as well as advanced, managed care solutions. Dr. Morales has been in the profession of pain management for almost 20 years. His dedication to his patients is evident in everything he does. As a board-certified addiction medicine physician, Dr. Morales firmly believes that it is important to teach the patient about pain, addiction and over all well being, where it comes from and what every individual can do to help manage or overcome pain. By doing this, he helps his patients live a happier, more functional, and active lifestyle, empowering patients to take control of their pain and ultimately their overall health.

Treatments we Provide

Trigger Point Injections

Medical Marijuana

Prescription Medication

Chronic Pain Management

DXA Bone Density Scans

Nutritional & Weight Management

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