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Immigration Physicals

Immigration Services


Our goal is to ensure all exams and finalization are completed in a timely manner. Patients will have a total of three visits. The initial exam will include a comprehensive physical exam, immunizations and labs. The second appointment is the finalization. All paperwork will be completed and provided to the patient in a sealed envelope.



Physical Exam- $550

Additional Services:


  • Tdap----- $75.00
  • Hep A --- $90.00
  • Hep B --- $75.00
  • MMR-----$100.00
  • X-Ray-----$100.00


For Your Visit:


Please bring a valid photo id or passport and a current vaccination record, if applicable.


Patients will be responsible for payments related to lab testing and imaging exams, if needed.

I693 form:


Vaccination requirements:


Overall requirements/information:


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