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Chiropractic Techniques for Car Accident Pain & Injuries

Car accidents jar the body in unnatural ways, often causing body parts to shake out of alignment. The effects of these injuries may not even be immediately recognizable, remaining hidden for days or weeks following a crash. There are many methods that can be helpful in treating these injuries, one of which is chiropractic. In this […]

Pain Management & Physical Therapy After a Spine Fusion

In this article, we are going to go in depth and discuss a few physical therapy routines that can help speed up recovery after a spinal fusion surgery. First of all, let’s briefly explain what a spine fusion is and when it’s used. Spinal fusion is a minimally invasive procedure in which two or more […]

Pain & Balance Issues After A Car Accident

Being able to stand and walk without stumbling may be something you do without a second thought, but for someone with a balance problem, those activities can be difficult. Balance issues can typically develop in the wake of a car accident. Today, we explain how your body maintains its balance, and how it can get […]

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