Dear valued patients of Central Medical Clinic,

We are undergoing restructuring of the clinic and understand that there are many frustrations associated with this process. A few weeks ago CMC had made the decision to merge with another organization named Integrated Pain Treatment Centers (PTC). After further consideration CMC has decided to remain its own solo entity. Dr. Morales will continue seeing patients at CMC in the St. Paul location. During this transition we are experiencing high call volumes. While we are trying to triage the phone calls as fast as possible, please direct all concerns to our chat option.

Thank you again for your continued patience during this time.

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Pain & Popping in Neck after a Car Accident

Many people “crack” or “pop” their neck on a regular basis. Neck cracking often provides pain or tension relief to patients. While it’s usually not cause for alarm, there are situations in which a popping in the neck can indicate a more severe condition (especially if the popping occurs after an accident). In this article, […]

3 Hidden Injuries After A Car Accident

Not all car accident injuries are obvious. Some injuries don’t show up until days after the accident, while other injuries can’t be clearly seen on an X-ray or MRI. Just because you don’t have a fracture or bruise doesn’t mean you’re not injured. Today, we share three injuries that can remain hidden in the immediate […]

4 Common Back Surgeries After A Car Accident

Our back and spine are very sensitive places, so it’s no wonder they can be thrown into a funk after a car accident. If you suffer a major back injury during a car accident, oftentimes the best course of action is to undergo a surgical procedure. Today, we take a look at four of the more […]

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