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Older Kids At Heightened Risk For Car Seat Injuries

A study out of the University of Michigan Health System uncovered that booster-aged seat children are twice as likely to suffer a serious injury in a car crash compared to younger children, mainly because their seats may be installed improperly. The study took an interesting look at the age of children whose parents came to […]

Treating Throat Injuries Caused By A Car Accident

Your throat is a crucial part of your body that can seriously inhibit your breathing ability if it becomes injured during a car accident. If you are having difficulty breathing or believe you’ve injured your throat after a car accident, you should seek medical attention right away. Today, we take a look at some of […]

Can you Drive after taking Pain Medications?

For many, perhaps most people driving is an essential part of their everyday routine. Whether it’s driving to and from work or school, picking up kids, or running errands – many folks drive every single day. For people taking pain medications to treat chronic pain, driving can become a serious issue. In this article, we […]

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