Dear valued patients of Central Medical Clinic,

We are undergoing restructuring of the clinic and understand that there are many frustrations associated with this process. A few weeks ago CMC had made the decision to merge with another organization named Integrated Pain Treatment Centers (PTC). After further consideration CMC has decided to remain its own solo entity. Dr. Morales will continue seeing patients at CMC in the St. Paul location. During this transition we are experiencing high call volumes. While we are trying to triage the phone calls as fast as possible, please direct all concerns to our chat option.

Thank you again for your continued patience during this time.

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Internal Bleeding After A Car Accident

Internal bleeding is a serious consequence of extreme trauma. Sometimes internal bleeding is hard to detect, but it’s important that you receive medical treatment right away, even if the bleeding stops on its own. Today, we take a look at the causes, diagnosis and treatment of internal bleeding after a car accident. Causes of Internal Bleeding […]

Treating Persistent Pain in Seniors After A Car Crash

One in four seniors who have been in a car accident will have lasting pain, and many will struggle to preform basic daily activities in the months that follow, according to a new study published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine. Car crashes accounted for the second most common form of trauma in senior citizens, trailing […]

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Pain Management

There are many potential ways to treat chronic pain – from medication, to injections, to physical therapy, and more. In this article, we explain some of the benefits of chiropractic care in the treatment of pain management. Non-Invasive One of the biggest reasons people like chiropractic care is because it’s a non-invasive method of treatment. There’s […]

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