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4 Ways Older Adults Can Prevent Foot Pain

As we get older, we need to become more proactive in how we work to prevent health problems from developing. The same can be said for your feet. As we get older, we’re more likely to suffer from a variety of foot conditions, like bunions, flat feet or arthritis. However, the good news is that […]

Exercises to Relieve Pain After Foot Surgery

Foot surgery can be a great option for patients who have been unable to get rid of pain with conservative techniques, but surgery alone isn’t going to lead to your best recovery. If you really want to achieve maximum function, you need to put in the work in the form of rehabilitation exercises. That begs […]

Pain Management After Bunion Surgery

A bunion correction procedure can provide a patient with much-needed pain relief and can greatly reduce their likelihood of a recurrent bunion on the same joint, but the operation alone doesn’t provide all the treatment a patient needs. The operation is important, but so too is how the patient aids their own recovery in the […]

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